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You are looking at the ancient site of the Dwarves of old...

Syryel Imagika, Nov 16, 12 10:37 PM.
Battle Saints will live on and fight the Unholy Wars !

( We have a new web site. Do not apply here. )

Our forefathers may have fallen with time, our blood has been mixed with our Human cousins, but the spirit of the Battle Saints clan has survived and lives on!  We, Tovarr, descendants of the brave Dwarf nation, shall fight the Unholy Wars!

We have an initial Officer Council (Baraz, Battlewall, Beighn, Slabo, Stonulf) and... we have a new leader! But I will not talk in his place. He will talk or send a Rally Call when he deems the time proper.

Battlewall and Stonulf, the clan founders, will be making a comeback (well, in-game it's more like their descendants will join the clan). They will probably be casual or part-time players, but still it will be uplifting to have them back.

[archive] Welcome to Battle Saints & Nithronian Knights

Batmaster911, Aug 21, 11 3:02 PM.
Applications are mostly done in-game, but you may also post in our public forums to do so.

Once you are actually accepted in-game within Battle Saints or Nithronian Knights, please create an account on this site to see the messages and events seen only by members. Important: when creating an account on this site, the form has a place for entering your character's name:
you must mention your character in the registration form.

Battle Saints is a Dwarf only clan in Darkfall (NA server) - You can view our recruitment video for fun.

Nithronian Knights : these knights, from various races, have sworn loyalty to the Dwarves of Ymir represented by the Battle Saints. Most are seekers of truth and crafters. For those who know the lore, it is ironic to note that they are no longer knights serving the ancient Nithronian, but instead now serve the Dwarf nation which never submitted to the Nithronian rule.
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